March 15, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Luck 'O the Irish

It is so hard to narrow this post down to a tolerable size! So much has happened in the past week and so much will continue to happen during this week in Ireland. I'm overwhelmed, grateful, tired, and blessed. It's wonderful to experience this time of life with my sweet husband and now to be joined by our good friend Kristen.

Hope it's not too much for all ya'll!

  • Sharing a single bottom bunk with Josh for three nights. I mean, we missed sharing a bed, but it was a little ridiculous.
  • The ungodly amount of walking our trip to London entailed.
  • I miss Wegmans.
  • The London Bridge Experience. I've never had so many British actors yelling at me before in my life.
  • Alas, I am not a true Harry Potter fan because I did not get my picture taken at Platform 9 3/4.
  • Airport security taking my Nutella :-( 
  • Showering with hand soap. They took my shampoo, too!
  • Thinking Josh was dead because he would. Not. Wake. Up. No matter how hard I pounded on his hostel room door!
  • Longing for money to go see a theater production in London's beautiful West End.
  • Broken keyboard on the Mac
  • Using an Irish keyboard£¬€
  • Being so homesick that I literally sat down in the middle of the Tower of London and started crying!

  • Doing laundry. I've never been so grateful for such a simple thing. 
  • Accents. All kinds! Everywhere!
  • Being the only person in my hostel room last night. Sweet dreams for me.
  • Subway and Chipotle. Eat fresh and fresher! Even in Ireland and England where all the food tends to smell like boiled cabbage!
  • Windsor Castle. So much history and such a beautiful town outside of London. And a freakin' good audio tour! We were very impressed.
  • In the past month I have watched the sunrise over the Alps and the sunset over the Thames River.
  • Catching the season recap of America's Next Top Model here in Ireland.
  • Parks. I am in love. 
  • Not getting rained on. Always nice when in Ireland.
  • Cooking for ourselves again!
  • Josh's and my friend Sean getting voted campus chaplain.
  • Devos today. God always knows just what I need to hear from Him <3

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