March 14, 2012

"Green With Eyes Between" (London Hampstead)



It's likely the most common color on earth as long as you don't venture into the ocean. This being the case, I hadn't realized how the red clay cliffs and plains of Spain had caused me to miss out on weeks of this budding symbol of vibrancy and life. I hadn't realized how much the Hampstead Heath in London would remind me of the hills and forests of New York or PA.

In short, I hadn't realized until now how homesick I am.

On the bright side, Ireland is full of lush greens of every hue. On the dark and gloomy side, every vista I see here will force me to swallow a lump in my throat made up of twenty years of memories from back in the good old US of A.

To all of my stateside family and friends reading this, know that Josh and I miss you more than you may realize.

Title from "Homesick" by The Vines.

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  1. Wow it really is SUPER green. And FYI, I miss you guys way more :'(


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