March 2, 2012

Window Displays in Milan's Golden Square

I'm thinking of making a it a permanent tradition to follow Fashion Week around the world without ever having the money or connections to get into an actual fashion show . . .

It's really quite funny (and I'm only partially bitter, haha) that last year I spent New York Fashion week in Manhattan with my best friend and obviously couldn't attend any shows. This past weekend . . . well, you know where I was and what week it was and what certain events I wasn't able to attend . . .

Regardless, I was able to enjoy Milan Fashion Week in my own little way. I got some photos of several well-dressed models wandering the oh-so-stylish streets, watched live video streams of runway shows on jumbotrons, and saw incredibly creative previews of the Fall/Winter season collections by window shopping in the Quadrilatero d'Oro or Golden Square.

The displays were incredibly creative, and it was pretty exhilarating just to be among all of tantalizing designer names at once. Many thanks to Kristen for letting me use your camera in the absence of battery power for mine and to Josh for escorting us through a thoroughly emasculating evening :-)

Fashion mixed with film? Now that's what I call art!

This was cooler in person. It rotated :-)

Jimmy Choo showcases his shoes with snakes. Blech.

Every girl need an LBWD--little bubble wrap dress.

Other type of bubble aesthetic going on here


This amazing Moschino collection combines the style of the Spanish matador with a little Alice in Wonderland flair :-)

Lanvin likes Alice, too

Plenty more pics after the jump!

This suitcases overflowing with Hermes ties is worth more than my entire wardrobe

This isn't as much of a cool display as it is an outfit that I would absolutely love to wear!

Chanel's display window features a table set for a stylish dinner, complete with pasta with jewels on it!

Dolce and Gabana's genius retro-themed shop

Flower power suit!

I loved this Louis Vitton display! Isn't this exactly how so many women view his purses?

Variety is the spice of life

Oh, you know, just designer umbrellas

Hyper-realist mannequins!!!

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