March 1, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Yer a World-Travelin' Wizard, Harry!

Well, it has been quite a week here in Europe.

Josh and I are still pretty exhausted even though we've been back from Italy for about three days. To be honest, we're pretty stressed about the idea of our two-week-long "vacation" to the UK and Ireland being just a week away. We haven't had time to recover! 

The whole class is feeling a little tense for one reason or another. Some who haven't done any traveling yet can't wait for March break, and some who have done a little too much are dreading it a bit. We'll see what happens.

To lighten the current heavy mood, I thought some Harry Potter references were in order.

  • The above cape spotted on the Milan Metro. P.S., That's a dude.
  • I just legit cried during a Pokemon episode. I need help.
  • I can now add a random drunk guy on the Metro to the list of people who think that my husband looks just like Harry Potter . . .
  • No hot water in the hostel shower!
  • A Chinese guy somehow tearing the shower curtain rod out of the wall. Good thing the door locked!
  • Kristen having her iPod stolen and having it returned the next day by a guy who knew neither her name nor where she had lost the iPod. We're all glad she got it back, but . . . Um, creepy.
  • Watching my first episode of Jersey Shore. Never again.
  • Tomato jam. It's actually not that bad. Whoda thunk? 
  • Spending the night in the Bergamo airport to make our early-morning return flight. I say "spending the night" instead of "sleeping" for a reason.
  • Just going to Italy in general.
  • UPDATE: I don't know how I forgot this, but enjoying a breakfast of a hot croissant, cappuccino, and pineapple juice while watching the sunrise over the Alps.
  • Josh and I beasting this whole travel thing. Between the two of us, I make sure that we don't get lost, and he makes sure that our stuff doesn't get lost and/or stolen. Next stop, The Amazing Race
  • Nutella and Fererro Rochet flavored gelati. I will never forget you, Milan.
  • Fountains! I love fountains. They make everything happier and more relaxing.
  • Random Scottish guy in a bar who thought Josh and I were the two funniest people in all of Italy. We talked for hours, never got his name, and will never see him again. Hah! Such is travel.
  • Meeting wonderful new Italian friends on both the flights there and back. These we will try to see again :-)
  • My native language is the most-spoken language in the entire world. I am so lucky.
  • The super sketchy guy without whom we never would have found our hostel the first night in Milan. He ended up being so nice!
  • All of the stereotypes that Josh, Kristen, and I have about Italians being true . . .
  • Trying to explain to our prof what a Twinkie is. So funny!
  • We are so going to visit Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross Station when we got to London!

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