February 6, 2012

First High-Fashion Shoot: Part 1

Finally, I've finished editing the photos from the most wonderful photo shoot with the most wonderful Kelly Sullivan! There are tons, so I'm planning on posting a new batch every few days, dividing them according to "themes." In most cases, this just means according to outfit, but not necessarily.

Little disclaimer: Some of these are very unique and feature a variety of photo styles, but some of them are very similar to each other because they're just variations on the same pose. Hang in there! Don't get bored on me. Many of them are very nice.

Thank you again, Kelly!

**UPDATE** If you're wondering what happened to the other photos in this post, Josh and I decided (a little late, admittedly) that they weren't all appropriate for the blog and took them down.

Favorite pic of me ever! Facebook cover for life, haha.


Stay tuned for more in future posts!

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