October 31, 2011

Live Well, Dress Well: Last-Minute Costume Ideas

Halloween is tomorrow, and you have no plans . . . or you didn't until two minutes ago. Now the cute guy from General Psychology class has asked you to go trick-or-treating with him and his friends, and you have nothing to wear. Not to mention that you have no money.

Fear not! You would be amazed at what can be done with the items you already have in your closet. Also, a great thing about costuming in college is that your roommates and people in your dorm will mostly likely be able to fill in any gaps in your outfit. Please note that this list includes costume ideas for both ladies and gents.

Parisian Lady (Girl)
I know a lot of girls like to still look somewhat attractive on Halloween. This is a very chic and flattering costume option for the procrastinating fashionista. It is also one of the easiest since items such as red flats, black jeans, red scarves, and striped shirts are very standard wardrobe items. The male equivalent of this could be a mime if red suspenders were substituted for the scarf and lipstick.

Bubble Gum Stuck to a Shoe (Guy or Girl, well, if he likes pink)
One of my favorite costume ideas ever. I would do this even if I had time to plan a more involved costume. It's as simple as this--wear all pink, even gloves and shoes if you can. Then attach a shoe to an old headband and wear it on your head. Boy, are you stuck to that shoe!

Static Cling (Guy or Girl)
So cheesy, but so good. I prefer the variation of this costume that involves wearing all gray and then safety-pinning various clothing items and dryer sheets to your outfit. Don't forget to tease your hair and hairspray it sticking straight up!

Made in the Eighties (Girl)
Teasing your hair could be helpful for this cotume idea, too, but a side-pony will suffice nicely. Pair a super baggy sweatshirt (waaaay oversized so that it covers your butt, if you can) with super skiny jeans or tights. Most any pair of brightly colored canvas sneakers will do nicely as far as footwear is concerned, but these "wedgies" were a total trend in the eighties. Add some oversized "plasticy" jewelry and, of course, a pair of legwarmers to complete the ensemble. If you do not own any, legwarmers can be made by cutting the sleeves off of a baggy sweater.
Made in the Eighties (Guy)
The baggy sweatshirt idea will still work for you, Mr. 1985 Fashionista (or fashionisto?). One with a school name or logo would be ideal. Add some ill-fitting acid-wash jeans and Air Jordans for a few more eighties references. Spiking your hair a little and adding a bandana around your head can be a nice touch, too.
Nifty Fifties (Guy)
A very shmexy costume for dudes. White T-shirt, cuffed jeans, leather jacket, and simple dress shoes are all it takes for a real show-stopper of a costume. Don't forget to put some serious grease on that hair of yours!

Rancher (Guy or Girl)
It sounds so much more legit that 'cowboy" or "cowgirl," right? Besides, if you're a rancher, people won't expect you to have a hat, necessarily. This is obviously also a very easy costuming option. Combine a plaid shirt, jeans, and any type of western-style boot for a cute and simple Halloween look. Ladies, braiding your hair would be great for this look, as well.

Happy Halloweening!

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