January 18, 2012

So I Married This [Blank] Guy . . .

And then proceeded to take dramatic photos of him and post them online. Haha, seriously though, isn't he great?

Have you heard of the I Am [Blank] Because trend in lifestyle blogging? It is just about everywhere. I realize that I am a little behind the ball, but I'm putting a new spin on it by writing about the love of my life instead of myself. I had to tweak it a little to apply to a second party, and it's a smidgen awkward, but I hope you can see my heart in this :-)

I just want to pay a little tribute to this great man who has been with me through the ups and downs of our young lives and who I have loved much through it all.

Josh is weird because . . .
He is always in the mood to watch all 682 minutes of the extended Lord of the Rings film trilogy
He can study four languages at once without confusing them with each other
He discusses art intellectually. A regular Roger Ebert.
He sings along with foreign songs despite not understanding them
He thinks that building a computer from scratch would be fun
His mind is a bunny hopping from thought to thought and giving no hint as to how it got there

He is a bad friend because . . .
He gets hurt easily
He doesn't realize that he's hurt someone until it's too late
He is forgetful
He can be overly critical
Sometimes he makes decisions that are best for himself without thinking about others
He is afraid of being wrong or looking silly

He is a good friend because . . .
He is genuinely interested in others
He is a wonderful listener, but not afraid to talk about himself
He reaches out to underdogs and outsiders
He loves inside jokes
He thinks of his friends more often than they realize
He always answers his phone
He will do anything if it means he can hang out with his friends
He is good at fixing things
He cooks

He is sad because . . .
Learning in a foreign language is hard work
He will be going to school for about 81/2 more years
His wife is always sick, and he can't always make her feel better :-(
Our financial future looks pretty bleak
There was a recent death in his family, and we were unable to go home for the funeral

He is happy because . . .
He is in Europe (duh)
He brought Starcraft II with him
Our new apartment has WiFi
Things like coffee and bread taste so much better in Spain
He has a gawgeous wife ;-)
God is good, and love is strong

He is excited for . . .
Exciting travels starting this weekend
Becoming fluent in Spanish (and hopefully many other languages)
Teaching linguistics
Seeing our family and friends again this summer
Being a father someday
Owning a home gym and a plasma-screen TV when we get rich
Building the aforementioned computer

I love you, Joshua John!

And P.S. Josh "proofread" this and loves it as well <3


  1. AAHHH! Love this - and thanks for the final comment Jess :) He is a wonderful young man! Great to let the world know so! Love you both!

  2. SOOO cute :) This made me really happy! Now I want one!!! :P
    Love Rachel <3

  3. I love this! It reminded me so much about how I view my husband!

  4. Thanks! I have to say, I visited your profile after reading your comment, and we need to be besties or something, haha. Same interests and everything!


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