January 19, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Shiny Showers and Homey Hostals

Whew! What a day! I am currently on a spontaneous birthday vacation to the beautiful historic city of Toledo.

Yeah, I know. The picture above doesn't really reflect that. Let me explain.

Well, we just got here, and it's dark . . . so not pics of Toledo yet. 

But much of this week's awkwardawesomity (hey, I'm trilingual now. I can make up words if I want) revolved around the various bathrooms. Pictured above is Josh inspecting our new enclosed shower that will prevent the previously all-too-common leakage of water onto the floor every morning. This is a definite awesome, but was preceded by a whole lot of awkward.


  • Trying to shave in a shower that barely has enough room to stand up straight
  • A weird flusher on the very top of the toilet that pulls up instead of pushing down and causes such a voracious cascade of water that one can only hope to duck for cover in time . . .
  • Toilet bowls with almost no water in them. What do you call a large, concave, porcelain area without water in it? An amphitheater.
  • Buying anti-plaque toothpaste which I cannot use because of a genetic receding gum disorder. Thanks, dad!
  • Josh pretending to be in a relationship with our (male) professor for an object lesson about foreign cultures . . .
  • Doorknobs smack-dab in the middle of doors rather than off to one side
  • Being so lost in Toledo at 9:00 at night. Uh . . . just kidding, Mom! We got here without any problems whatsoever. It was great. Had a ball and stayed very safe :-/


  • New shower in our little apartment!
  • Super classy (clean) private bathroom in the hostal that cost us only $25 dollars a night!
  • Rocks. I've never been so appreciative of rocks. Out here they are enormous, colorful, covered in coniferous vegetation, and just generally cool.
  • The Library of Avila. I've never seen such a selection of movies at a library.
  • Easter break plans? Done. Tickets purchased and everything. I should be a travel agent!
  • Writing a poem in Spanish! I might find out someday that it makes no sense, but it sounds nice.
  • Turnip festival in the north of Spain. Not a joke. The political leader of the province was on the news kissing giant turnips.
  • Buying cereal for my cereal-themed birthday party on Sunday.
  • Oh yeah, my 21st birthday is this weekend and I'm on a romantic getaway to Toledo!

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