December 21, 2011

"Home for the Holidays" (Pennsylvania)


Memories about the various places we think of as home throughout our lives are often wrapped up most powerfully in tiny details. I was skimming through pictures on my camera and came upon images from Thanksgiving celebrations with Josh's mom's side of the family. The first image to pop up on the preview screen was this colorful shot of a decorative antique bike framed by Josh's half-gone glass of water and a bowl of clementines. I felt so silly, but this photo in which there are no people posing --no events happening--is full of beautiful memories of family and home.

The hospitality of Josh's grandparents' house, my health-conscious Josh and his adorable quirks, snacks with little cousins, games with relatives--all of these moments and feelings can be evoked by something as silly as a glass of water, a piece of fruit, or a bike.

Sister and cousin

A Wii controller in action

This little nostalgic experience not only reminded me that I ought to post these pictures to the blog; they also reminded me that home is not wrapped up for me in a place. After all, as far as physical apace is concerned, I've only been in the Riech home a handful of times, but let's face it . . .

Home is experiences.
Home is memories.
Home is the people we love.

In a few short days, Josh and I will be home for the holidays. I'm not going to lie. It's going to be a little awkward. We always feel like guests at best and pests at worst when we're staying at a parents' home (usually his since they actually have a guest room. Thanks, Mom and Dad!) Despite whatever discomfort might be involved with not having a physical space to call our own when we visit the Valley, being literally surrounded by the love of family and friends and getting to be a part of their lives will always make us feel right at home.

At home in Rochester with Paige, Sean, Ali, Matt, Lauren, Greg and others . . .
At home back in PA with Crosbys, Thurston, Riechs, Munts, Rices, Dinellis and assorted other lovely relations . . .
And at home in Spain with just Josh and I, lovely Allie Stewart, and the friends we haven't even made yet . . .

We love you all! Can't wait to spend time with you :-)

Baby Alyssa who stole the show at Thanksgiving

Josh playing with a cousin's iPad

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