December 22, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Moving Day

The portion of my wardrobe not touring Europe with me
Josh missing our bed . . .

  • Being sick with a flu on moving day.
  • Moving. Just moving in general. Boxes. No sleep. Blech.
  • How early it gets dark. Winter solstice is so sad.
  • Looking for work over Christmas break. Haha, I've had some funny almost-offers from people who decide halfway through the conversation they actually don't need me after all.
  • Going to Hess to buy a gas card for Josh's gift exchange at work. It shouldn't have been awkward, but I looked like death.
  • My 9-hour shift at the library yesterday.
  • Wheatena. It's whole-wheat cream of wheat. Meh.
  • Direct quote from Josh: "Really, another picture of me sleeping for Awkward and Awesome Thursday?" Haha! It does seem to be a trend, doesn't it?
    Wholesome, energizing breakfast mush
    There's like four layers of clothes packed in Josh's suitcase! I done good ;-)

    • Salvation Army. Here I thought its magic was found in the things one could buy there. Turns out it's equally magical donating loads of one's stuff there and knowing that it will all go to a good cause. Do you have any idea how good it feels to just own less stuff? Between Salvo and plain old chucking stuff in the trash, I feel utterly liberated.
    • Rolling! Rolling is the answer to all of life's problems! See picture above!
    • The fact that Josh's suitcase (despite being half the size of mine) is half as full as mine. Guess who's getting stuck with the umbrella, fleece blanket, and laptop?
    • The photos from my super-fun shoot with Kelly :-D. Coming soon.
    • Packing sunblock. Yes, it is so sunny is Avila that I will be using sunblock all winter long.
    • My cornbag. Paige, you don't know how happy this thing has made me.
    • Josh driving a Uhaul. Schmexy.
    • Sean coming over to help us load our entire livelihood into a truck.
    • Spain!!! Sooooo sooooooon!!!!

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