November 18, 2011

First Snow, Right on Schedule :-)

Yesterday, November 17th, Josh came home from work all cold and huffing and puffing, and he gave me look and said all pouty, "It's snowing." Now, I'm picturing typical Rochester weather which often involves very slushy, sleety rainfall, but when I looked outside, there were actual romantic flurries falling! I immediately demanded that josh put his coat back on and we go outside and frolic. He agreed, and even let me take some pictures.

Sadly, the flurries are barely visible in many of these.

See? He likey.

In the above picture, the many-limbed blur near the center is me dancing under my own personal Star of Bethlehem--aka the floodlight from the dorm next door.

After my little frolic, Josh and Rachel wanted to work out, so I stayed out, took some more pictures, and then went to a jazz concert and an art gallery opening. It was a lovely night to have a nice dusting of snow all around.

Of course, a blizzard later ensued and I didn't get any good pictures of the flying flakes or the good inch of accumulation we got. Today, every patch of snow that the sun has touched has rapidly melted.

A barbecue with snowflakes on it. Thought it was a nice hipstery pic.

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