November 19, 2011

Another Beautiful Day in Upstate New York . . . No, Seriously

Oh, this blasted bipolar weather! Snow one minute, and then 55 degrees, sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows the next. A little consistency would be nice, Mother Nature . . . or God, rather. Haha, I feel better complaining to Mother Nature than I do to God. Less sacrilege, you know? Probably better not to complain at all. It is absolutely lovely out, after all.

Well, in honor of the very warm, very sunny, yet very windy day, I am posting a bunch of pictures that haven't yet made it to the blog of a lunch date in Dansville with all the Crosby girls--well, and one Thurston, but I was a Crosby for quite a while, you know. I fit right in ;-)

On this particular day, I was fortunate enough to sneak camera-shy sister Nikki into several lovely pictures. She is a far and away gorgeosity, and I am so delighted to have caught her smiling besides the fact that she knew there was a camera in the room. Just look at those pearly whites and those dark blue-gray eyes! She's a looker!

I take a lot of picture of salt and pepper shakers. They just strike me as cute for some reason. I'm like, "Aw, looky! It's just like a little couple and there all in love and stuff." Yeah, my brain works like that.

Don't they look like Nikki just said something super offensive? Haha! Nick wasn't even talking! They were talking to her.

See? There were still leaves on the trees during this era. Not that I mind the sparse pre-winter limbs. I was driving back from a supermini vacation in Canandaigua with my Grandma and Grandpa just today, and I was in awe of how beautiful the navy blue lake looked against the oranges, browns, and coniferous greens of the dried-out hills.

Let's face it. I just love weather. Any kind. I like the variety of not knowing what will happen next here in Rochester. Thank you, God for mixing it up this fall.

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