November 18, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday and What I Wore Eons Ago

Old Navy maxi dress, Target tights, Payless bag and shoes, thrifted blazer in knot,
visible in previous pics are Payless earrings and Sears flowered bandeau
  • I took these photos back when there were still leaves on the trees and it was warm! Fall is so short and moves so fast!
  • Going to an art show for the food . . .
  • Forgetting to read for my World Lit class today, and having a quiz :-/
  • Dry-boiling broccoli that was supposed to be for dinner. Super yucky smell.
  • Josh and Rachel working out in my living room every other night. All the furniture disappears!
  • Reading Depeche Mode for Oral Interp class. Haha, kind of epic, but very silly to those who know the song (i.e., Josh)
  • Returning the Singing in the Rain DVD case to a friend . . . while the disc is still in my DVD player.

  • It snowed tonight!!!! Ignore the outfit pictures. I promise it did.
  • A 95, 93, and 103 on my three respective exams last week.
  • Offering to make Christmas dinner for the family this year! I'm taking Thanksgiving off, though. Gotta rest up ;-)
  • Girlfriend Ali winning a "Home for the Holidays" radio promotion and getting to visit her birth mom for Christmas! (she was adopted)
  • Reading my devotions from my Spanish Bible today.
  • Buying more Purex sheets so I can finally catch up on my laundry!
  • Going to bed as soon as I post this. Ah, sweet bedtime love. It is only 10:44. Oh, glorious day.

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