October 16, 2011

Model Compares Her Body to Barbie's

The picture that went with this article is a little bit racy for male viewers, so I opted to just link to it rather than feature it on the site.

The Plastic Surgery a Model Needs to Look Like Barbie

In the latest issue of O magazine, model Katie Halchishick delivered a powerful and eerily beautiful message to girls and women who live with feelings of inferiority whenever they look at a Mattel Barbie doll.

What interested me most was the part of the article that refuted the claim that no one actually wants to look like Barbie. The story includes real-life women who have altered their bodies drastically in an attempt to match the tiny-waisted wonder. Of course, it was also mind-blowing that the names of the actual procedures which would be needed are all listed in the articles. Such alterations are possible.

The article states explictly this profound point they are seeking to make: "Just because our distorted image of how a body should be is medically attainable, that doesn’t mean it should be attained."

I would add to this wonderful quote, "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful." Psalm 139:14.

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