August 29, 2011

What a BG PA Does On Set

My function on the King's Faith film set was as the Background Production Assistant or BG PA. Thanks for asking :-)

Basically, what this means is that I helped keep track of extras, also called background actors. Whether we had three for the day or three hundred, they were all my problem.

Oddly enough, this "problem" quickly evolved into the very best facet of my job. I am required to direct large groups of people (which often involves shouting) in an authoritative manner. It is much easier for me to gain respect from my background when I have built some sort of relationship with them in which they see that I am just like them--somebody trying to do a good job at what they have been asked to do.

It was challenging at times. I had to keep the guys and gals from a very serious modeling and acting agency separate from all my other background. I had to tell people much older than myself where they had to be and when. I had to balance being "in charge" of these people with being in the same boat as them.

Basically, I spent hours on end in the set holding area keeping background entertained and learning about their lives. I learned what the film meant to each of them and what each had invested. Some had auditioned for lead roles but had not been selected. Some had just tagged along with a brother or girlfriend on a lazy Saturday. Every story was different. My groups of actors always got their hour or two of shooting time in front of the camera, but there were hours upon hours spent without much to do.

I lived for these hours :-)

My bff, Tony. He was a video blogger on set.
I will miss you all so much. Normally, I am a little bit down on social networking sites, but I thank God for His blessing of Facebook which will enable me to see your beautiful faces whenever I like . . . hopefully in person before too long.

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