July 4, 2011

"Independence Day" (Branchport, NY)

Family and fun! Is there anything like it? Throw in a boat and a beautiful day and I'm addicted for life.

Boy, the sun and the waves had me in quite the happy place today. After my swim with my adorable family out in the middle of Keuka Lake, I took a lazy nap in the berth of my uncle's roomy new boat and was positively rocked to sleep by the lake. Also, the radio station that was playing was absolutely perfect. All of the songs were timeless chillout classics that only varied ever so slightly in tempo . . . Phil Collins, Frank Sinatra, K.D. Lang . . . voices that you would never think to pair but that made the day absolutely perfect.

Ten hours, two sunburns (me and Josh), and a delicious dinner at The Lakeside Restaurant later, and I was allowed to navigate the vessel back across the lake to Branchport where we had started! It was not as thrilling as I had hoped, being that we were traveling ten miles per hour, but it was one of the most satisfying things I have ever experienced.

More pics after the jump!

Yeah, I don't know

Apparently I'm "attacking the camera" in this one.
Thanks for the tip, Rach.

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