July 4, 2011

Farewell to Taco Bell

For the past eight months, I have worked at Taco Bell as a customer service representative. Yes, I have to deal with every single crabby and creepy person who comes in. No, I have never made food despite working in fast food for all this time.

But this is neither here nor there, for Josh and I decided a few weeks ago that the Taco Bell era had come to an end and that it was time to usher in the era of Jessi, the Freelance Artist. Next year, Josh and I are moving to Spain for a semester. We won't have visas, so we won't be allowed to work over there. The plan is for me to get acclimated to freelance writing, fashion, photography, etc. so that we will at least have a few dollars in our pocket once over there. This means . . .

I am finished with Taco Bell as of tonight!

Of course, one can never really be finished with Taco Bell. Their food is so tasty and affordable and much better for you than your typical fast food so long as you avoid the "beef." Josh and I won't know how to pay full price for Taco Bell food after getting so used to my employee discount--50% off on days I work and 10% on days I don't. I suppose we'll have to go back to the tried and true method that we developed during our dirt-poor dating days. We used to have a rule that dates weren't allowed to cost more than $10.

It just so happens that two chicken burrito meal deals (which both come with a bag of doritos and a medium drink), an orange cream Frutista Freeze (in place of one of the drinks, the other is always a Brisk raspberry iced tea), two beefy five-layer burritos (pictured), and a caramel apple empanada all ring up to a grand total of . . . $9.04!

We've still got 96 cents to spare which, after tax, is exactly enough to buy another 89 cent item! A cheese roll-up? A bag of cinnamon twists? A crispy potato soft taco? The possibilities are endless! Super great value and super great fun. We keep experimenting and trying to get more bang for our buck, so it's always interesting. We only just recently found out that we could throw in the Frutista for cheap cheap if we get it in place of one of our drinks and then share both beverages.

Get thee to a Taco Bell with the one thou lovest!

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