June 24, 2011

Biker Chic (Sort Of)

Yep, 'cause I surpassed the speed of light. . .

Josh's paparazzi photos
Happy Middle-of-the-Week-Evening-Where-You-Breathe-a-Tiny-Sigh-of-Relief-and-Say-'Yes,-This-Week-Will-Eventually-End!'

Other people call it Hump Day, but the above more accurately describes how I felt tonight.

Sometimes nothing feels better than putting aside whatever needs to be done on a given night and instead going for a bike ride with your man which inevitably turns into a paparazzi-style photo shoot. I love these pictures <3. They're all so unique and so different from the images we usually capture. The next time you decide to procrastinate, make sure to take along a special someone and a camera. You never know what might happen.

Another word of advice, bike and maxi dress? Not my best idea.

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