June 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Taco H*ll

  • Showering in the girl's locker room across the street because our building's water was turned off
  • Every single manager at work telling me to "think about" staying at Taco Bell even though I gave my notice ages ago. Hello! Done thought about it!
  • Josh's birthday present not being ready yet :-(
  • Being begged to work until 8 rather than 5 like I had planned
  • Riding a bike in a dress=most awkward thing I have ever done.
  • Josh hanging over my shoulder with a sad face, waiting for his real-time-strategy game to load
  • Daniel Radcliffe
  • Getting into a legit fight with Josh because I was not crazy about Tangled, which was apparently, "the best movie [he had] seen in a long time!"

  • Having a new phone! It's like a Blackberry, but it's the cheap Tracfone kind.
  • Thunderstorms. God is bowling!
  • Taco Bell food. Gotta love that $5 box that picks me up mid-way through my eight-hour shift.
  • Extra hours at work=extra money!!!
  • Orisinal.com
  • Eating steak at a friend's house. Unfortunately, this happened to Josh and not me. Haha.
  • Planning Josh's birthday surprises which I cannot talk about on here because he might read my bloggy-blog sometime!

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