October 18, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: School Days

  • Registering for my Spring semester classes of my senior year. Where on earth has the time gone?
  • Performing "Some Nights" in ASL at Homecoming. (picture above)
  • Being an instant away from sending an "I love you :-*" text meant for hubby to Stryker.
  • Presidential debates. Enough said.
  • I was so excited to take my required Persuasion course at RIT and, you know, graduate on time. They told me in July that it was too early to register and to come back the first day of classes. They told me the first day of classes that the class was full and I couldn't get in. Fail.
  • My dear friends from Messiah Theatre had their senior showcases recently, and I couldn't get out of work commitments. Saddest of days :-
  • A garbage bag left in the trunk of our hot car. Blech.
  • Working on my abstractions project for Video class. Turns out I'm not an abstract enough thinker. Well, there's a problem I've never had before . . .
  • Avocado pits. Slippery balls of evil standing between me and my healthy-fats-filled goodness.

  • Fall is here :-)
  • Going for a drive with all of the windows down to air out the garbage stench.
  • Having my family right around the corner. Well, 15 minutes away. Close enough.
  • Free Dinosaur Barbecue. Our class council is awesome.
  • Muse Creative Arts Ministry is busy as can be preparing for our fall performance, "The Chains." Rehearsals just started last night!
  • Volunteering as a photographer for campus-related and personal events and getting "paid" with concert tickets and free wine tours.
  • Kristen's boyfriend (and Josh's buddy) Neme moved to the US last month! It's been so great having him here.
  • Progressive dinner at professor's homes. I love these faculty couples :-)
  • Josh and I got an incredible deal on our class's senior cruise . . . and we decided to go! Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to us! What a fun and relaxing and not-at-all-like-our-experience-in-Europe this will be.

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