August 3, 2012

Re-Blog: How to Take Your Relationship to New Extremes

I'm acutely aware of just how lame it is of me to continue reposting blog entries by other writers here on Nine to Phive, but something about the past few weeks has led to me feeling almost overwhelmed by how capable other people are of perfectly articulating thoughts I claim as my own. 

While I am somewhat stunned by what little original content I have to offer, I am delighted by two facts:

1) I am not alone. Out there is a community of men and women who share my beliefs, interests, passions, and questions. I've never felt such a sense of fellowship unity, and the fulfilling peace that is being understood by the world around you. Feels good, man :-)

2) I can learn to be humble. I don't need to be the first, only, or best person to express a specific thought. You have no idea how much more likeable I find myself as a person knowing that I have the capability to give credit where credit is doing, honoring the ingenuity of other people out here in the blogosphere.

That being said, I now have no problem linking over to my good friend Carrie Starr over at at Cheap Love.

Her family is in Australia right now, so her life is much more interesting at the moment than mine! She has put together a neat little article about the exact same truths that Josh and I experienced about the effect of studying abroad on our relationship.

So here she is!
Travel works as a magnifying glass on your relationships.
The good becomes great.

The tough becomes terrible.

In many ways, this is exactly why you should travel.

The extended time together makes for incredible memories and defining moments. You’ll experience unique moments together you never would have otherwise.

For our 19th anniversary yesterday, Erv and I went for a run through the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney Australia where we saw the famous Three Sisters.

In the afternoon, we toured the Sydney Olympic Park where we saw the cauldron burning- which only happens every four years during the summer Olympics.

Next we played in Victoria Park with our kids and meandered through beautiful University of Sydney.

In the evening, we went out to dinner at the fantastic Café Otto with our good friends Russell and Sarah, who now live in Sydney.

It was an amazing anniversary we’ll never forget.

There are other parts of the day I don’t want to remember . . .

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