July 2, 2012

Live Well, Dress Well: Fourth Festivities

How to dress for Independence Day is probably never a big question in the minds of today's fashionistas. Some charming but cliche combination of red, white, and blue is sure to do the trick.

But how can one really stand out fashion-wise in the same old shades of red, white, and blue? I mean, we all want to be patriotic, but we don't all want to look like little clones of Uncle Sam. We want to be unique as well, and hopefully (I know I do) we want to be classy.As much as I love Katy Perry and her sense of style, this is not especially classy. Definitely unique, though!

Here's an idea!

How about dressing for what you'll be doing on this day rather than dressing for the day itself?

Here are three sample outfits based on your Fourth of July Festivities.

1. BBQ Cutie
If your plans include a nice family event or any type of get-together where you want to feel a little more feminine and put-together (or want to catch the eye of a certain someone who looks juts great in his board shorts), pairing a high-waisted skirt with nautical stripes is a great way to give off a fun-loving, flirty, and slightly more formal vibe.

Add some girly and glamorous details like a sleek watch, a flower headband, and golden glads. Best to keep the shoes flat to avoid looking a little too dressy. It is a barbecue, after all ;-)

2. All Night Long

No matter how hot the day may be, you'll wish you were layered up if you're planning any type of late-night fireworks-watching escapade followed by partying into the early morning. For one thing, temperatures can plummet in the hours past midnight regardless of daytime highs. For another, bugs can't bite skin that they can't find! So cover up!

Starting with blue jeans and then adding red and white accents such as a quirky printed t-shirt and red heels (I would go with wedges since you'll be on your feet for awhile) is the key to looking party-ready without overdoing the Independence-Day pride. These star earrings are also a subtle and sexy rockstar nod to the American flag. Instead of a hoodie or sweater, bring along a jacket that looks fierce enough to amp up your night-out look.

Pro Tip: Embrace neutral accessories to keep from looking too costumey.

3. I'm On a Boat

My family members are lake people, and we are spending Wednesday afternoon and evening on my uncle's new houseboat!

If your Fourth looks anything like mine, there's bound to be a lot of swimming involved, so try working a retro bathing suit into your boating-day outfit. Layering a fun pattern like polka dots (I would probably avoid stars and stripes) under a drapey tank (or crop top) and distressed shorts is an easy recipe for a fun summer holiday look.

If you're craving a little star-spangled banner, why not just add a cool star bangle like this one? You might want to skip the earrings to avoid losing them in the water! As for shoes, they don't call 'em boat shoes for nothing! Shy away from heels and other non-sturdy numbers if you plan on being on a boat.

P.S. If you're more of a bikini girl, you can make that work, too. Just don't wear a white shirt over that soon-to-be-sopping-wet swimsuit!
What are your plans for the Independence Day? I hope I've given you some inspiration for ways to dress for your Fourth festivities.


  1. I'm new to your blog and I've been going back and reading some of the archives... I really like what you're doing here! Keep it up.

    Ha, and to answer the question your wrote here... I'm an American girl living/working in Korea right now, but I always get excited for Independence Day! I don't get the day off, but a few of my fellow expat friends will be spending our evening eating corndogs (we couldn't find regular 'dogs' here), French fries, watermelon (complete with a watermelon seed spitting contest), classic coca cola (in glass bottles no less ;]) and chocolate chip cookies. Then, we'll light some backyard firecrackers and sparklers and the like for our very own Fourth of the July festivities. There's nothing like a good friends and good eats to make the best of an American holiday away from the States. ;)

  2. That is so cool! I 'm so glad you decided to have a true blue American holiday overseas. Also, really? No hotdogs in Korea? Haha!


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