July 3, 2012

"I Joined the Navy to See the World" (Okinawa, Japan)

Cody and his mom's side of the family
This week's Travel Tuesday is very special and a but odd since Josh and I are not the people doing the traveling these days. I'm sure you guessed that I'm not the one who joined the Navy, haha.

My cousin Cody, on the other hand (who I have not seen in over a year), has been on active duty for the US Navy in Okinawa, Japan. Talk about culture shock! I'm sure Europe was nothing compared to what Cody dealt with and will continue to deal with on a daily basis over in Japan. He doesn't even really like sushi from what I remember . . .

Anyway, he is officially home with us for just over three weeks! And just in time for Independence Day!

I wrote about Cody and my other military family members in a post last Fourth of July explaining my feelings on the US military. I took the post down not because it was controversial, but because it wasn't true to my "art and lifestyle" focus of the Nine to Phive blog. Anyway, my conclusion was that while I'll never condone warfare, I genuinely believe it to be a necessary evil.

I am blessed beyond words that there are people in America like my cousin who can handle the pressure of carrying on their shoulders a nation of people who need protection but who so often either forget or refuse to say thank you.

Code, I know you didn't want to go to Japan, but I'm so proud of you for doing your duty with a good attitude and making the best of this big adventure.

It's so good to have you home.



My dad has an interesting relationship with all of my cousins

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