June 16, 2012

Wishlist: I Adorn You

Tell me this is not the most adorably romantic dress you have ever seen. I dare you.

Once again, ModCloth takes the cake in the "Cutest Dresses in the History of Ever" cakewalk. They are the go-to place for the perfect LBD, LRD (little red dress), LWD (little white dress), and basically any and all LCD (little cute dresses) your little heart could possibly desire. Haha, that's kind of funny because LCD is an actual thing--has to do with one of those big screen TVs that Josh wants, I believe.

Better than Little Sexy Dresses, am I right? I feel like LSD is not a good thing to advertise. I'm sure ModCloth's selection will seem even more magical after some of that action . . .

Alright, enough drug jokes for the Christian girl's blog.

The point is, what are your thoughts on ModCloth? Do you like the romantic, indie feel of their pieces, or do you like something more polished? Their price range is a whole other story. Basically, my relationship with ModCloth consists of the following:
  1. Drooling. 
  2. Telling Josh that for our next milestone anniversary he can skip the jewelry and buy me a ModCloth frock instead. 
  3. Resuming drooling.
And remember this one? Garden party dress? How romantic can you get?

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