April 21, 2012

Wishlist: A Garden Party? How Nice


So a snippet of this post snuck its way out of being an unpublished draft and found itself published on the blog for all to see. Sorry to spoil the surprise, lol, but here it is for real!

This is the Greenhouse Garden Party Dress from ModCloth. Don't they give their pieces the most romantic titles?

Right now, this is my fashion crush.

Crush meaning something that you lovingly ogle from afar but can't actually have. ModCloth may be indie, but it is definitely not cheap. I don't know about you ladies, but my man can buy me a ModCloth frock over a piece of expensive jewelry any day. Actually, when Josh once bought me a beautiful diamond and amethyst pendant necklace for Christmas (we were just dating and still in high school!), I was so worried that I would lose it or not wear it often enough to make it worth his money or whatever I was thinking--that I asked him to return it!

And I wonder why he's a little uneasy about surprising me with gifts . . .

P.S. Who wants to have a garden party this spring/summer? I'm in!

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