June 1, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: No One Here Beside Me

  • The three-month separation from my hubby has officially started :'-(
  • He took the book I was reading with him. He better enjoy that sucker!
  • Rochester rush hour . . .
  • Having the full intent to nicely ask the toll worker how she was doing today and having the niceness scared right out of me when she literally growled at me.
  • The Bachelorette. Good God, why do people watch this poop?
  • I never wanted to be a coffee snob, but American coffee makes me really sad. I miss my Spanish brew.
  • Training on interlibrary loan and then being left to my own devices to practice. Yipes!
  • Donkey from Shrek is singing the "I'm all alone . . ." song in my head.

  • Well, the only reason I'm without my Joshy is because he got a great job back in PA making twice the dough he was up here!
  • Riding in Rachie's car with the top down on a 98-degree day. Best ever.
  • Rachie letting me drive her baby to work! I know this is a huge sacrifice for you, honeybun. 
  • A completely different and not chronically depressed toll worker telling me how beautiful I look today.
  • Soft ice cream. I think I got addicted in Italy.
  • Getting to work a day shift. I love going home to my family while the sun is still up!
  • Small but healthy and yummy lunches. Not missing the side-splitting midday meals Spain is known for.
  • Getting a lot of errands done this morning--including making a down-payment on our new apartment!
  • Talking Marvel comics with Stryker.
  • Working out early in the morning.

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