May 31, 2012

European Bucket List

Whenever I have a goal or a series of goals--serious or lighthearted, it doesn't really matter--I like to form them into lists. It helps me see the big picture when I can look at a single piece of paper or a single word document or even a single Powerpoint and instantly see everything that I want to accomplish in the near--or sometimes not so near--future.

My latest habit is composing bucket list collages. If you can't really picture what this would entail, this should help:

This page was sketched over time in my Avila notepad. I call it our European bucket list. It lists everything that I wanted Josh and I to be able to accomplish while we were in Europe. Some of them you might expect: watch a flamenco dance, eat dinner on the Riviera, eat churros . . . yeah there's a lot about places and things that I wanted to eat. Others might seem really random: find a pet store, buy cereal, or learn a new card game. I guess these were personal challenges as well goals. I didn't want to just sit around!

This is my new favorite format for goal-making! Since Europe, I've started a summer bucket list and a lifelong reading bucket list.

Wouldn't you just love to check things off of a list as fun and quirky as this? What a great motivation to meet your goals!


  1. I look forward to reading your lifelong bucket list. It would make a great blog post sometime!

  2. I think it might, too! I'll have to "finish" it :-)


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