April 15, 2012

"Whatcha Doin' Down in Shantytown" (Howth, Ireland)

This seaside town fifty percent of which is located on the village's not-to-terribly-touristy pier is the part of Ireland that I too easily forget for some reason. My mind immediately flies to green fields and rolling hills, forgetting that, as an island, Ireland has no shortage of quaint coastal communities. This small town is called Howth (pronounced "hooth," or something like that), the community where Kristen and I enjoyed a nice fancy pot of tea after a day of hiking.

Well, here is where we were hiking.

Title from the Johnny Cash song "Shantytown"


Rob, an Australian mate, and I climbed down to the water's edge (which I'm pretty sure was illegal)

This picture speaks volumes

Flowerpot tower

Elisa, a feisty Canadian working in Scotland for the year
More beautiful pics after the jump!

Seagull hangout spot

Kristen, Rob, and Max, a mate from Hamburg, Germany


  1. Looks incredible! Wish I had come :( ~Kathy Crosby


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