April 16, 2012

Spain in the News

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I've been reading the New York Times lately. I feel that's a good hobby for an aspiring author to pick up, don't you? Well, it just so happens that when I went to the NYT website (yeah, we're on a nickname basis), the first post under "Travel" was about Spain, the first post under "Art" was about Spain, and the first post under "Most Popular Right Now" was about Spanish!

I figure it's a sign. You should all read (or skim) these articles to learn about the waves that little old Spain is making in the world at large.

Prado Researcher Finds Insights Beneath Copy of Mona Lisa

The Benefits of Bilingualism

Minorca: Off the Coast of Spain is a Tranquil Biosphere Reserve

I really do love this country, but in a sense very different from how I love the US. The cultural, economical, and academic activity here is buzzing and exciting but relaxed and in no rush.

That being said, I would never live here, haha. More specifics about these sentiments after we get home.

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