February 8, 2012

Style Steals: Cambridge Bags

I'm not sure where my followers stand on the current trend of Cambridge handbags since this British label seems to be much more popular in Europe than back in the States. I am sure, however, that more people need to start wearing them.

A Cambridge-style satchel in a bright color is the perfect bridge between edgy and preppy style. The sleek, boxy style with matching buckles looks very professional and academic, but the many colors (including fluorescent options) add a wild and retro element.

Shopaholic Blonde, Chictopia, Vanessa Jackman, and Pop Champagne

Of course, since these gems are priced at a minimum of about $100 (75 euros), nearly everyone interested in owning this look is shopping around for more cost-effective look-alikes. Unfortunately for us thrifters, Cambridge boasts very unique satchel designs, which is why they do so well as a company.

Lucky for you that I don't give up easily. Here are some bags that (in my opinion) look similar but are a less than half the price of a "real" Cambridge.

Closest Match:

The above Kendall Messenger Satchel is the satchel most similar in style to a Cambridge bag that I have been able to find (*SEE UPDATE*). It captures well the boxy shape and buckles and comes in several bright colors like the Cambridge handbags.

UPDATE: Since originally writing this post, I just happened to be walking through downtown Avila and passed the Spanish boutique Misako. What should I see displayed in the window besides a dead-ringer for the original Cambridge-style satchel. The only downside is that anyone from the States looking to purchase one of these bags will be hit with a heavy shipping & handling fee.

Cheapest Find:

This Carly Retro Satchel from iFashion Handbags is even cheaper, but it also sort of looks it, unfortunately; however, it has the boxy look and is available in a variety of colors as well.

Other Looks to Try:

Oryany by Celeste

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