February 12, 2012

"Shining On the City, Centuries Old" (Segovia)

Toledo ended up being an amazing weekend getaway for Josh and I, but the single afternoon we spent in Segovia blew us away even more. After missing the bus last weekend and losing the money we had paid for our tickets, we were beginning to wonder if we would ever make it to this charming city, and I for one am so glad we did.

This city is truly one of Spain's jewels. It is simply dripping with history. From it's massive aqueduct constructed during the Roman empire, to its awe-inspiring Gothic cathedral (comparatively small, but marvelous), to it's historical, geographic, and cultural museum which is free to students who show their school ID, Segovia is a must in terms of day trips when visiting Spain.

It is not well-connected to Madrid by trains (much like Avila), but it is worth the effort of scoping out an efficient bus trip. Although for me, the car-sickness almost made me regret our decision . . .

Aside from my nausea, Josh was also pelted with snowballs by a bunch of high school punks who got their jollies from throwing these slushy bombs at tourists from the top of the aqueduct. We told them what was what and chased them down so that they couldn't bother anyone else.

If after all of these ordeals we still wouldn't change a thing, you know it was the trip of a lifetime :-)

Traces of the Roman Empire two thousand years ago. Breathtaking.

Between their size and sheer numbers, these birds should be able to take over all of Spain

Yeah, we ate lunch on an aqueduct. No big deal.
Plenty more pictures after the jump!

More cathedrals! Good thing we didn't come with the rest of our class. Josh would have killed if we hadn't gone inside.

Such views from on top of the Alcazar point

The Plaza Mayor at night

Title from Melissa Mcclelland's song, "Segovia"

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