February 11, 2012

The Hipsters Take Broadway!

I do not have a tumblr, but the is the first blog that has made me regret not being part of this community. I cannot follow Hipsters on Broadway without a tumblr account! Oh, sad day.

By the way, have you seen Hipsters on Broadway??? It is very nearly the coolest thing since sliced bread (which actually isn't that cool. I've been slicing my own bread here in Spain for over a week now, and I'm doing just fine.) 

Anyway, this tumblr blog is a user-submitted feed of fashionable outfits inspired by characters from productions currently on Broadway--both plays and musicals. The outfits are just for chicas (sorry, guys) but the looks are inspired by characters of both genders and of every species. I'm thinking of the musical Into the Woods which includes characters such as the big bad wolf.

These are some examples of outfits that have appeared on Hipsters on Broadway. Click 'Read More' for three outfits that I designed and had published on the site.

Kathy Selden - Singin' In the Rain

Lucy - Jekyll & Hyde
Wendy - Peter Pan: The Musical

Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat - Cats

Young Cosette - Les Miserables

Conrad Birdie - Bye, Bye Birdie
As you can see . . .

The sheer number of submitters to HoBW results in inspired and inspiring outfits in a variety of styles. Even I regularly submit outfits that I would never actually wear. It's nice to try to channel the unique style of a fictional character.

If you would like to submit, keep in mind that the idea is not to recreate Broadway costumes, but rather to capture a character's look in a contemporary and fashionable ensemble.

Here are some examples of looks by yours truly that have been featured on the site:

Rafiki - The Lion King

Tommy Boatwright - The Normal Heart

Nina and Benny - In the Heights

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