February 15, 2012

Pablo, Gonsalo, and Loopy Lupo

Last weekend, our home had a visit from Carmen's son Pablo and his roommate Gonsalo. They are both incredibly nice, incredibly smart, and the cutest preppy hipsters you could imagine :-)

Since the first time meeting someone I don't necessarily want to bug them about signing a model release form, I decided to keep the photos focused on their adorable dog Lupo. He's probably not worried about being stalked or getting his identity stolen; and if he is, his eyes are always covered, so I doubt anyone will be able to recognize him.

Lupo is such a smart and funny dog! He knows a lot of tricks (in Spanish) such as sit, shake, roll over, etc., but he also knows some unique and hysterical moves.

For example, if you point your finger at him and make some sort of 'bang' noise, he will fall over and pretend to die! Also--and this creeps me out just a little--when Pablo told him to go into the next room and bring back the pillow from the living room couch, Lupo ran off and came back dragging a big yellow throw pillow which then proceeded to become his favorite toy in the world.

Luis's feet . . . sneaky, huh?
Also, get this! Pablo is very nearly the coolest person ever! Remember that poster of the Violator album cover?

It isn't a poster. It is a painting by Pablo!

Turns out he majored in Fine Arts in college, especially painting and photography. We had a ton to talk about! He thought it was so cool that I had a blog. But wait, there's more--

Guess what he's going to graduate school for? Spanish philology and ancient literature!

It's almost like he took every single one of Josh's and my interests and decided to devote his life to them! Haha, it was such a coincidence, and it was really cool to talk to him. Hopefully he'll come back in the future when we know more Spanish . . .

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