December 19, 2011

You See a Wall, But Some See a Canvas

I love that there are people in this world who see every moment in their lives as an opportunity for creation. They see a brick wall and a dog on a leash as the catalyst for a never-before-attempted work of art.

This picture in particular made me think about the way that I and others are often tempted to approach art. We often come up against obstacles in many different forms, and these can very easily deter us from creating. What about you? What "walls" in your life are keeping you from creating?

Is it fear of your family's disapproval? 

Pressure to make a living? 

Insecurity about the value of what you have to offer?

These are some of the classic hangups that will either keep you from being the artist you are called to be or will simply sign you up for a lifetime of being miserable as an artist.

It's time to tear down your walls, or better yet, go find a dog on a leash and turn them into something beautiful.

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