December 28, 2011

This is Art: K-Pop is Kool

My simply stunning sister Nicole is incredibly interested in the culture of the Far East. Korea is at the top of her list of exciting, exotic cultures, and she tells me that she dreams of becoming fluent in Korean and shipping off to live there some day. Sounds like Josh and I, except we're much more interested in Western culture . . . Then again, I haven't really looked into the Orient enough to know whether or not I would like it!

Cola, on the other hand (haha, I love calling her "Cola"), has immersed herself in this world so different from the one I'm comfortable with, and she recently saw fit to let me take a dip with her into the vast ocean that is East Asian culture. K-Pop is a big element of this world she loves so much, and I have to admit that I am now quite a fan as well. Consider this music video to "Keep Your Head Down" by South Korean band TVXQ your crash-course into the genre.

I'm kind of speechless after watching that . . .

Their voices, the cinematography, the fashion . . . that guy is wearing only one sleeve of a suit coat! Like, on purpose! And those crazy patterned suits that match each other perfectly . . . in love! I am also a huge fan of how they matched Korean martial art movements to the bass line of the song and then paired it with hiphop dance moves. It's almost symbolic for the synergy between East and West when the two collide in art and pop culture.

Well, I have found I brand new source for inspiration--a whole other hemisphere of the world that (surprise suprise) makes art, too! Haha, it's so silly, but it's amazing what these little "duh" moments of epiphany will do for you.

P.S. If You think "U-Know" Yunho and Max Changmin of TVXQ are shaking it up in the fashion department. Take a look at this guy: