December 27, 2011

Fashion Survival Kit: Shoes


Can't live without 'em, but they're a bloody pain to pack. So much suitcase space taken up by a single wardrobe item! And unlike clothing which have a certain amount of flexibility to them when it comes to squishing and squeezing them into all available nooks and crannies, a shoe's not budging from where you pack it.

This being the case, I am looking to get through the next five months with as little shoe action as possible. This won't be too difficult, since my few favorite pairs of shoes already make up about 99.7% of my outfits.

And the lucky winners who have won a grand tour of Spain and the great sights of Europe are . . .

1. Wool-Lined Flat Boots

Warm and comfy for the cold winter ahead of me, and great for walking up and down the beautiful streets of Avila . . . and Madrid and Barcelona and Seville and Berlin and Paris and Venice and Rome and Oslo and Edinburgh and London and Dublin and . . . yeah, you get the idea. Lots of walking.

2. Mary-Jane Pumps

This is my magical pair of shoes that can be dressed down for classes or dressed up for church and the one nice dinner out we have planned for my birthday--or Valentines Day, Josh hasn't told me which yet. He says it's going to be a surprise, but I think that basically means he hasn't decided yet.

3. Suede Slouchy Boots

Sooo comfortable, but still cute enough to make an actual outfit of some sort. These are sort of my alternative to Uggs. I shall never wear Uggs . . .

4. Heeled Oxfords
My favorite pair of shoes on the planet. I wear them three times a week, making them my biggest fashion rut. I mean, they look so perfect wit everything! Dressy, casual, colorful, neutral . . . Why would I bother wearing anything else?

5. Sneakers

Nothing special or glamorous here. Practical for travel and necessary for working out. Blech.

6. Gladiator Sandals