November 23, 2011

Long, Healthy, Sexy . . . Nails!

Not to brag, but if there's one thing I've got going for me in this life, it's my ability to grow out my fingernails. Look at how schmexy them bad boys are! Clean, not discolored in anyway, no cracks, smooth and even . . . I'm always so sad to cut them.

You know you want some! ;-)

Why Grow Out Your Nails:
  • They're beautiful. Elegant, mysterious, ladylike--long nails communicate all of the above.
  • Scratch that itch! Nails are great for flickin' that sensitive itch right next to your eyeball without cramming your whole finger in there and going blind. They also make for good back rubs if used carefully. 
  • Your hands can look "dressy" without polish. Just a quick file and you're ready to go.
  • Better French manicures. Who doesn't love hearing, "Are those fake nails?" when they're not?
  • Be different. If you take care of long nails, you will be a total population minority. Almost of the world either keeps their nails super-short or grows them out long and dirty out of laziness. Be a trailblazer!

How to Grow Out Sexy Nails:

Body tissues need water to grow at their healthiest. Using a nice, natural lotion on your hands and even massaging it into the cuticle from where your nail grows will improve the health of your nails.

Wear Gloves

Not only will this keep you from getting dirt and other grime under your nails as you work, but it will also protect them from breaking during chores that are hard on your hands.

Wash 'Em

Every time you wash your hands, wash your nails--underneath, too! This will keep them white and shiny.
Vitamin E

This is the vitamin that promotes hair and nail growth. A lack of Vitamin E can also cause white marks and nicks on your nails. You could take a supplement or just eat a lot of fish, almonds, and avocados :-).

File, Don't Clip

If and when your nails do chip, rather than having to clip all of your nails back down to square one in order to level them out, file the chipped nail smooth and then file the other nails into a similar shape. Your nail length will last so much longer his way! Note: You should never saw a nail file back and forth. Move it in one direction only.

Pamper Every Now and Then

Soaking your nails in a hot natural oil is what fairytales are made of. Not only does it feel utterly luxurious, but it moisturizes, strenghtens, and provides much-needed Vitamin E.

Wear a Top Coat

Wearing clear polish adds an extra shine and protects nails manicured or not from chips and nicks.

Skip the Colored Polish

This one is hard for many ladies, but the number one cause of nail discoloration is wearing colored polish. If you must use bright polishes of try out the crackle or matte trend, make sure you never leave polish on for more than ten days and always give your nails a week-long break before applying a new color.

Skip the Acetone

Use a nourishing polish remover without acetone, which can severely dry out and damage your nails.

Don't Bite!

It's a no-brainer. Don't do it.

I hope that you all have some luck folowing these tips. Remember, if you're not going to keep them clean, don't bother growing them out. Under your nails is a huge area for bacteria growth, and nothing says "I don't take care of myself" like long, yellowed nails.

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