November 23, 2011

Fashion Inspiration: Harem Pants

Were these ever in style? Wow. Just wow.

My mom actually seems to pull them off pretty well. They give her a schmexy little waist, you know?

By the way, she made these pants herself for a comedic performance of DC Talk's "Heavenbound" that she and my dad would do back in their days of leading youth group together. I've seen it on video. It was quite spectacular.

Get a load of me and my matching harem pants and skeleton shirt! From the looks of it, I'm singing my solo part in the above shot. Although I was really more of a groupie, as I recall. Kind of just along for the ride ;-D

And thus the Crosby family was born! So much love.

P.S. I know the rap, too! Maybe I'll record it on webcam and post it someday . . . or not.

Anyway, it might sound ridiculous, but baggier pants are becoming quite a trend these days. No, not gangsta-style pants hanging off of your body and exposing either your behind or your skivvies to the world. I'm talking about something more like this:

Photo credit

Anyone for a nice high-waisted, drop-crotch number that tapers at the ankle? This model seems to make them look hot, but how wearable are such pants, really?

Here's how I would rock them:

I think if you accentuate your waist with a crop top and keep the rest of your outfit simple and classy, harem pants (or jam pants, hammer pants, parachute pants, drop-crotch pants, whatever you want to call them) can be very fashionable and flattering--for the ladies, that is. Guys, I don't have much help for you. Sorry.

I have a confession, I bought a pair of khaki pants that are dangerously close to channeling the MC Hammer vibe. I wore them in this post. Admittedly, I hadn't really thought about the fact that I would have to wear them differently from "normal" pants. They look a bit frumpy in the pictures.

I'm willing to give it another go, personally! For nostalgia's sake! Long like the 80s and 90s! I'll skip the crazy mosaic patterns, though.

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