November 11, 2011

What I Wore: A Layers Kind of Week

American Eagle Outfitters dark wash jeans, Rue 21 off-shoulder shirt,
blazer from Sears, American Eagle shoes, Walmart slouchy knit hat

Yes, I decapitated the last picture. I'm sorry if this shows a lack of self esteem, but my body looked cool in this one, my face looked  freakin' depressed, and it's all about the clothes anyway.

So yeah, layers.

In fall, these lovely additions of piled on prettiness are an absolute must. The day this was taken, for example, started out at around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. There was frost covering everything. It was a bit brisk. I wore a jacket, and even so I was really feeling the nip.

I didn't worry about it, however, because (as I suspected) the afternoon turned into a balmy 60+ degrees. All of a sudden, I was straight up hot! No need to worry. I simply shed my blazer, and viola! Bare shoulders and a nice cool breeze.

This tactic will be my salvation in Avila where the air is bitterly cold but the sun beats down on you so badly that inhabitants continue to get sunburn all winter long. My layers will be flinging on and off for the next six months!

Exciting ;-)

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