October 22, 2011

"Sheltered" Art by Greg Coles and Matt Bowen

Just a little plug for the Roberts Wesleyan College One-Act Festival.

On November 4th and 5th at 8:00pm, three one-act plays will be performed at Cox Hall on Roberts campus. Josh and I are in one of the plays together. Josh is actually the star! He also has a very intense role in one of the other performances. I'm so proud of him :-) and I also never see him because he is always at rehearsals. We only have a total of about four weeks to pull it all together.

The play Josh and I are in together is entitled "Sheltered." It is authored by a very dear friend of ours named Greg Coles . . . and is utterly hilarious. I love being in original shows because it means that I can take pictures and videos to my heart's content. Shakespeare is great for that reason as well. Oh, and many other reasons, of course.

Anyway! Expect a lot more on the subject after the performances.For now, I can offer you a set of adorable caricatures done by actor Matt Bowen of the entire seven-member cast. Matt plays the nerdy guy with his mouth open . . .

Can you tell which one is me? My hair is a little short (I think it's supposed to be in a bun), but the chick is standing in the exact position that I subconsciously take throughout the majority of the play. My character is pretty epic and has some 'tude.

Josh is the mopey one up top. Doesn't it look just like him?!

These are the cutest. They just make me want to go see the show. Too bad I can't since I'll be a little busy at the time. You should go for me and tell me how it is!

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