October 20, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Wanting Lazy Days

  • My friend Paige playing a character who is in love with Josh's character in the one-act play we're all in. Meanwhile, my character is in love with a fellow played by one of my engaged friends. Whew.
  • Pumpkin fudge that didn't set all the way and therefore required a spoon. Still tasted pretty good, though.
  • Overheard at Roberts. A silly little Facebook group I started for funny, out-of-context- quotes. It has 92 members within a week of being formed . . . while my five-month-old blog has 15.
  • Everybody in the world having babies except me! Okay, exaggeration, but still definitely not awesome.

  • The above picture taken at 6:59 in the morning.
  • Getting interviewed for the school newspaper because of the popularity of Overheard. Such a hoot.
  • Reading my story in Oral Interpretation class to a delightful response. I will post it later.
  • Catching the glass bowl falling out of the cupboard . . . with another glass bowl I was already holding! I am a ninja.
  • Wegmans boxed macaroni and cheese. There is a difference.
  • Nanowrimo. By which I, of course, mean National Novel Writing Month. Follow the link for the coolest writing contest you have ever heard of. So intense! I can't wait to participate in this with a few friends. More info to come.
  • Rediscovering Teamo Supremo. I never even watched TV as a kid, and I remember these guys.
  • Being done with my Rhetoric paper . . . and not dead.
Equally awkward and awesome:
  • I am officially disabled now! Thank you Roberts Wesleyan College Learning Center for accommodating my ailments ;-). I shall use the free absences wisely.

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