September 25, 2011

The Death of the Skinny White Cargos

When it comes to DIYing my own fashion from largely unfashionable pieces I currently own, I am a total fail at taking "before" pictures. Of course, this is the case with the super low-rise skinny cargo pants I made last semester that just saw their last day today.

The crotch exploded. Fortunately, I was about to go home anyway, so I discreetly shuffled back to my apartment and changed. I was wearing a long shirt. Hopefull nobody got flashed.

Anyway, I suppose you'll just have to take my word for it that the pants used to look like this:

Yes, I purchased a pair of men's white Aeropostale cargo pants at Salvo, and I actually wore them back when I attended a high school where jeans were not a widely accepted part of the dress code. However, apparently I realized at some point that not only did they not fit, but they looked like--well, men's cargo pants. For this reason the pants had not seen the light of day for years by the time I retrieved them from my bottom drawer after stumbling upon this WikiHow post.

I've long been a fan of the skinny cargo trend, so I wanted my quick fix to be a bit more permanent than what is recommended in the above tutorial. Of course, this made the remodel a bit less quick as well, and as you can guess from today's mishap, not as permanent as I would have hoped.

Nevertheless, after a weekend of sewing by hand, this was the delicious result:

The pics are from back when I made them,
not from today's exhibitionist escapade.
RIP skinny white cargos. I suppose I actually have to pay money for a pair of white pants now . . .

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