July 14, 2011

This is Art: It All Ends

How fabulous is this shot of the cast?
If anyone can find the shoot this came from, look me up!
12:01 AM tonight/tomorrow morning. I never thought I would be one of those people. I would much rather have been one of the people who camped outside of bookstores the world over before the last book came out. Doing all this for a movie feels a bit cheap for an English and Communications major. Well, I guess film is a big part of mass communication and media . . .

Anyway, you don't want to listen to me deal with my guilt on here. You want to hear about Harry Potter!

By the way, how about this fan video? Just watched it for the third time. And cried. For the third time. Don't lie. You did, too.

The song "Marching On" is honestly a perfect embodiment of the journey that Rowling's characters have taken us on. I am so amazed at how the series has evolved and "grown up" at the same rate as it's main characters and as it's primary readership. The internal and interpersonal conflicts have traveled through early childhood bullying, pubescent romance problems, divided loyalties, and ultimate self-sacrifice.

The books are impossible to outgrow because they themselves are continually growing. For this reason, I refuse to believe that their impact could every truly end.

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