June 4, 2011

Photo Series: Strong as Summer

I'm not sure why, but my first photo shoot of the summer ended up being mildly depressing. A few of these are just interesting, some are vaguely sad, and at least one is downright morbid. Still, I had a wonderful time walking around campus in utter silence looking for these shots.

"Do You Remember?"

"Maybe Tomorrow"

"Journey to the Sun"

"Premier de Juin"

"Silence Like Seneca"

"Strong as Summer" (must be on an 's' kick)

"Do Not Cross"

Can you see what I did there?

Yes, above is the morbid one I was talking about. In trying to make a statement about environmental responsibility and pesticide use, I ended up with a tree growing out of a dead bunny. My apologies.

For one artist's take on pesticides, read Rachel Carson's Silent Spring in which she is among the first to draw attention to the dangers of DDT.

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