January 24, 2013

Awkward and Awesome 21st!

Guess who has two thumbs and is officially a grownup? 

This girl! The one in the yellow sweater!

A few friends and a great pub made for a wonderful celebration the night of Tuesday, the 22nd (my actual birthday). Because I know everyone is wondering, I enjoyed an Irish car bomb (Guinness with a shot of Bailey's) and some nice red wine. Exciting, right? 

Haha, I had a great time and wouldn't have done anything differently.

  • Josh forgetting his keys on the way out of the apartment! It was freezing and we were stranded between the building and the car. 
  • When we buzzed, our neighbor let us in without checking to see who we were. What if we were murderers??
  • It took me forever to add the Bailey's shot to my car bomb because I like Guinness so much by itself and didn't want to ruin it.
  • To everyone who has asked (including my boss, talk about awkward) I DID NOT GET SMASHED! I DO NOT GET SMASHED! I NEVER SHALL GET SMASHED! I like my brain cells and my reputation more than I like feeling "happy" for a bit thankyouverymuch.

Equally Awkward and Awesome:
  • Neme is learning English! But his vocabulary is so small that he spent most of the night nibbling a piece of Spanish cheese and repeating, "Oh, my cheese, my Spain . . ." So funny!
  • Being a wee bit of a heavyweight. I found out in Spain that I don't feel anything when I drink. :-) Nice to know that I won't be hopping on the table and using my glass as a mic if Shania Twain starts playing . . .
  • The Old Toad (the pub we visited) only hires people who are actually from England! Now, that is authentic.
  • Pub fries and gravy.
  • European cheeseboard with cranberries and walnuts.
  • Guinness <3
  • A car bomb. It tastes like a chocolate milkshake!
  • Yeah, so basically good food and drink . . .
  • Our friend Kyle's date (the blonde on the left) is from the Ukraine. Exotic!

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