September 26, 2012

This Is Art: Yom Kippur Poetry

The following piece of spoken word poetry is "Hebrew Mamita" by Vanessa Hidary. I have to admit that I wasn't planning on posting anything specific in honor of Yom Kippur, one of the holiest of Hebrew holy days. I wasn't expecting to feel so compelled to share something beautiful about this beautiful day appointed by God to usher in atonement for sin and sin nature.

The decision to post "Hebrew Mamita" on my art and lifestyle blog came after a spontaneous visit to an informational event sponsored by our campus's chapter of CUFI (Christians United For Israel). A good friend of ours who is now Josh's coworker is the vice president of CUFI here at Roberts, and we went to support him.

I was so glad that we decided to attend what turned out to be an (admittedly long) message about the human need for atonement and the ways that different people seek to achieve it. I could be wrong, but the "Hebrew Mamita" seems to be one way that Jewish Vanessa Hidary attempts to atone for the sins done to her people still today by the ignorance of the popular culture.

So much power--religious, political, personal, etc.--can be communicated through art.

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