June 14, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Everything's Better at Wegmans

Feelin' webcammy in Weggies

  • My eye is all puffy in the above pic because I haven't put makeup on in so long!
  • So Rachel drops me off at Wegmans on the way to work. I have no car, and it turns out Grandma doesn't come in to work at the bakery until 2:30 in the afternoon. This means there is no one to watch my stuff (including my laptop, purse, and the groceries I just bought) while I go to the bathroom. I have to lug it all in with me. There is nowhere to set my laptop except the filthy floor. I decide to hold it on my lap while I do my business. Well, why not check for the email I'm expecting from my mom while I'm here? Awkwardest silence ever after everyone in the public restroom jumps out of their skin at the incredibly loud startup sound of a computer coming from the handicap stall.
  • Not to mention the general awkwardness of trying to kill three hours in Wegmans while I wait for my Grandma to come into work with her car.
  • Getting locked out of our car in downtown Rochester and jimmying the thing with a dead branch (actually, that lats part was pretty awesome)
  • Having to leave the house at 4:45am so that Rachie can get to work, planning on working out in the two and a half hours until my shift started, falling asleep until two minutes before I was supposed to be at work, and then going to work in my fluorescent gym clothes.

  • Wegmans Jamaican Me Crazy coffee. Dark roast coffee, warm cinnamon, and Jamaican rum--a trinity made in heaven!
  • Never thought I'd be a fan of Polish food, but I love bialys! They seem so easy to make, too!
  • The uber-comfy patio lounge at Weggies.
  • New makeup! I bought my first ever lipstick. I am now the proud owner of the shades of Really Red, Berry Haute, and Peach Me :-)
  • Lovely mild and sunny weather today.
  • I see about 3 cardinals a day out here in Canandaigua.
  • Frappe Freezes--particularly of the chai tea variety.
  • The King's Faith movie screening last Saturday! The vintage theater at the George Eastman House was absolutely gorgeous, and getting together with my friends to celebrate our hard work was truly special.
  • Meeting up with Mom for Mexican food tonight.
  • Almost a whole week with my honey because of his weird schedule! But that means it will be much longer than a week before I can see him again :-(. Ten days, to be exact.

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