May 3, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Hwulskashlibengursckagonnen

  • My above attempt at simulating the Swedish language.
  • A friend telling me that all of the evil people in movies and are named Jessica and that he is therefore kind of scared of me.
  • The subtle difference in Swedish between saying "My name is . . ." and "I am pooping."
  • Our friends not being able to make a day trip to Stockholm with us like we had planned.Saddest ever :-(
  • Throwing a cake at a guy I did not really know at the urging of a few friends. Yes, this actually happened. I think after having been married for two years is a good time to start getting beyond the power of peer pressure . . .
  • Our hike up to Skurugata with friend Johan. It was such an amazing view and so nice of him to take us :-).
  • Staying with a Colombian couple. We still get to practice our Spanish while staying in Sweden!
  • There was a scavenger hunt at our friends' school. They had to do thing like shave their eyebrows, put a condom over someone's head, and bring a horse to school. 
  • Pear-flavored popsicles.
  • Eating Swedish meatballs in Sweden.
  • If you buy a coffee in Sweden, you get unlimited free refills.
  • The amazingly warm and sunny weather this whole week. I've lost track of how many times someone has told me "You're so lucky!" in regards to the weather.
  • I was paid 12 euros for the above cake incident . . .

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  1. "I am pooping" oh goodness...thats pretty awesome/terrible!


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