April 1, 2012

Nine to Phive Bloopers 2012

Okay...so maybe not this one

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that for every great outfit shot or high-fashion image on Nine to Phive, there are a handful of castoff photos that do not see the light of day (and for good reason!) Well, in honor of April Fool's Day, a few of these goof-ups are hitting the worldwide web for everyone to enjoy.

Some of these you will remember, and some of them won't ring a bell at all because they are special sneak previews of posts yet to come. But don't let that scare you away! I promise the pictures from the "actual" posts look much better--well, mostly.

Josh pretending to be hair and makeup on my photo shoot

Why did I think I could do an outfit shoot in athletic shoes?

The wind in Avila is no friend to a girl's hair

Or in Galway . . .

Angst to the max in Frumpy Fresh

When Josh tells me to just have fun with posing, sometimes the results are less than attractive.
 Was I supposed to laugh, or was I laughing at the silly hat? You'll never know. First High-Fashion Shoot Part 3

Sweet dreams in First High-Fashion Shoot Part 1

And just a little something to keep you awake at night . . . in Segovia.

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