April 24, 2012

"Joyous It Stretches Like a Lizard in the Sun" (Marseille)

It's hard to explain, but Marseille was one of the happiest-feeling cities I have ever visited. This is odd because the people were not particularly happy. In fact they were mean and downright grumpy in most cases. The city itself, on the other hand, was alive with art, music, food, fashion, and the beauty that only a rich history and prime real estate on the Mediterranean can bring.

The title of this post is taken from the French song "La Canabiere," named for Marseille's main street and cultural hub. This beautiful street (sort of a hipstery Times Square--or maybe Soho in London) stretches from the city's Old Port right on the Mediterranean sea all the way up a hill to the church where Joan of Arc used to pray! Pictures of Old Port and the church are coming up, but for now just enjoy the small joys that make up La Rue Canbiere.

So magical :-)

This statue is an actual library. You can borrow books out of the giraffe!

Ah, cafe culture
More photos of Rue Canbiere after the jump!

This cafe name made us laugh. No one really speaks English in France, so I doubt anyone knows how this sounds.

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